Dallas Benefiel

Founder, President

Experience & Knowledge

Dallas has over 20 years of installation, design, project management and sales experience in the data/telecom industry. He is one of the most knowledgeable telecom professionals in Denver with a proven track record.

Why you love your job

I love copper and all of the nerdy things that go with it. I am intrigued by the engineering aspect of how structured cabling systems operate. It gives me fuel to fight the big-name manufacturers that are out here spreading the “Kool aide” about structured cabling.”

How you like to take care of customers

We do whatever we have to in order to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. But mostly, we provide honest service, great prices, and top of the line products.

What do you do for fun

Being an American, fishing, bowling, a diehard Denver Broncos fan and woodworking to name a few!

Dallas Benefiel-AllComm Data Supply
Dallas Benefiel-AllComm Data Supply